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So much of right royal baloney

This Nirj Deva person who, some say, was previously known as Niranjan Deva Aditiya, seems to know a thing or two that we ordinary people are not aware of.

Speaking at a discussion on our state radio some days back the man who gets by as Nirj Deva possibly because those British chaps could not get their tongues round his original name when he first landed in Old Blighty, has said that our terrorism problem will be solved soon.

Does that mean that our Wanni Nayakaya will hand over his arms as President Rajapakse advises him to do and become an ascetic or become an MP like his one-time pal 'Colonel' Karuna? Or does it mean that he will be defeated and have to share a bed with Vaiko in Tamil Nadu? Or perhaps is he going to say enough is enough and sit down to talks in Geneva or somewhere as salubrious as that Swiss city?

I never listened to the discussion myself. What with keeping my home lights off and home fires doused in case some heat seeking missile crashes through my roof.

No joke

This is no joke. Those Tiger fellows have fixed some gadgets on their ramshackle aircraft to divert our missiles towards other heat sources. So I am afraid even to light my cigarette after dinner fearing that a Sam missile - or for that matter one of Putin's, Gota's or even Manmohan's - would blow my Gold Leaf butt out of my restless fingers.

What I started to say was that I didn't listen to this particular rewarding discussion and so have had to depend on what I read in a website. That is what eventually led me to another interesting exchange between Nirj Deva and the editor of the website. But to that I shall return later.

 For those who are unaware of the existence of this Niranjan Deva Aditiya also known as Nirj Deva in Brussels where he sprouts quite often being a member of the European Parliament representing the British Conservative Party, he is of Sri Lankan origin.

A close associate of UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe who took him as an adviser to the UN General Assembly sessions in New York where as prime minister he made that disastrous remark about the US invasion of Iraq, Deva Aditiya was once carrying a Sri Lankan diplomatic passport. Whether he still uses it or has since dumped it only those chaps manning immigration desks at various airports will possibly know.

Current value

Not that it is of great significance. Every Sri Lankan MP has one; such is the current value of a diplomatic passport. Why even Vinayagamoorthi Muralitharan had one when he went away to the UK and landed himself in jail. Such is the weight of our diplomatic passport that he landed in jail with a thud.

But, as the story goes, Deva Aditiya was thought of by some as Sri Lanka's ambassador at large. Whether he was that, and if not, whether the man tried to dissuade others from calling him that, I don't know.

But he does have an ego large enough to carry the ambassador-at-large label pinned across his shirt front.

There have been some eyebrows raised over his regular visits to Sri Lanka in recent years. If he is not on some European parliamentary delegation, he is on a private visit.

Some say he has been trying to swing some business deals. Still others say that he is trying to inveigle himself to the Rajapakse family looking for a role to play, perhaps as a representative of Sri Lanka somewhere.

If what he did to Ranil Wickremesinghe is what he is trying to do to President Rajapakse the sooner they locked the gates and kept him outside the better it would be.


Remember when he was last here in Colombo it was with the EU parliamentary delegation led by that British twit called Richard Evans. It was Richard Evans and his delegation that aborted a planned visit to Trincomalee to meet Chief Minister Pillayan. He had some help from the EU representative in Colombo, a man called Julian Wilson who has since departed these shores I understand.

At a press conference held in Colombo this Evans fellow took time off to pass several strictures on the Sri Lanka government for its human rights record and other violations as the delegation saw them.

Nirj Deva was present and did not contest any of those remarks. But shortly after Evans and his colleagues left Colombo, Nirj Deva found the courage or whatever, to dispute Evans' strictures and tried to curry favour with the Sri Lanka government and the people.

Maybe Nirj Deva was only trying to adjust to the political culture of his native land where what is said today is forgotten tomorrow as it were. The fickleness of our politicians appears to have infected the man to the point that some of our people were even ready to cover him with the mantle of a patriot.

Reading Deva's thoughts on state radio, albeit in highly abbreviated form, as it appeared in this website report I  suddenly remembered that some days prior to this he and the editor of the website had engaged in a long discussions on GSP Plus, the French language and other learned subjects.

Heavy duty

I had not read it at any length because reading some of the writings in this website calls for heavy duty on the part of the reader. I usually arm myself with dictionaries and other linguistic instruments needed to decipher the language and render the writings into some level of comprehensibility.

Having earlier seen the length of that interview I skipped it not wishing to undergo that kind of martyrdom. Well I read it this time and to say that my first reaction to avoid it could hardly be said to have been misplaced.

But I recommend it to anybody who has the time and the patience to go through it. Whether the reader will end up hooting with laughter or shedding copious tears at the level of discussion which one would loathe to call intellectual or even intelligent, would depend entirely on the mood of each individual. This was a veritable Twiddledee and Twiddledum scrap.

It seems clear enough that the editor has no clue whatsoever about the legislation surrounding the GSP trade concessions and he keeps on harping on national sovereignty and international interference in Sri Lanka because the European Union wants to investigate our adherence to certain specific international conventions.

Let me tell you this. Not all the Devas will get me to read those columns full of unadulterated baloney again.

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