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The beauty school


Students of Gwendoline Kuhatheva (inset) Gwendoline Kuhatheva

By Ranee Mohamed

I believe in miracles, but certainly not when it comes to treatments and beauty. Beauty treatment is a systematic process and one has to take the correct course of action for the desired results” said Gwendoline Kuhatheva, beautician, hairdresser, director and teacher.

Juggling a full time beauty and hairdressing therapy salon and school for over a decade and putting forth trained and skilled beauticians and hairdressers towards our society and that of other lands, Kuhatheva stands out for her skill, dedication and result-oriented exercises.

For over 15 years Gwendoline Kuhatheva was in the staff of Ladies College, imparting a sound education. Thereafter, armed with British based qualifications, Gwendoline Kuhatheva  began her own beauty salon cum school of beauty therapy where she successfully blends education with beauty.

‘It is important that students are exposed to maximum practical experience and I make sure, with my ongoing beauty salon that students who come to me for a professional qualification do not just limit their learning to paper,’ she said.

Ms. Lanka beauty queen

And breathing life to this thought, Kuhatheva is the initiator of Ms. Lanka, a ‘Beauty for a Cause’ beauty queen contest at which her students have to show the public what they have learnt by preparing the beauty queens for a stage to be judged ‘beauty queen,’ by  an independent panel of judges.

‘Beauty for a Cause’ is one of her outreach programmes for the betterment of the  community. All proceeds from Ms. Lanka have been channeled towards community welfare projects.

Stressing on the importance of this field of study, Gwendoline Kuhatheva went on to say that beauty therapy is as important as any field of study – law, medicine, engineering. “Today we offer advanced courses and they are not child’s play,” said Kuhatheva who believes that beauty and hair dressing are not child’s play.

“This field of study instills in students a greater confidence and it is important that they look good to actually dwell on the subject,” she said. “This is  self employment and gives a man or largely a woman the confidence that beats the confidence of them all. It is a profession that can be practised at home,” said Kuhatheva. “It is important that you look good because how can you inspire others if you don’t have it yourself?” she queries.

Students have work

“My students are never without work and I am happy that many of them are working in salons overseas. These courses are for both boys and girls and we run the education of these subjects as a school, training both boys and girls. I instill in them a positive mind and the idea that they just can’t fail because there is no room for negativity in this type of work. No matter what your problems are at home, you have to leave them behind because your clients come to you to relax, to have a treatment that will both make them look good and feel good. They come to you to get  away from the day to day stress,” observed Kuhatheva.

Conducting NVQ Level 3,4, beautician and hairstylist courses, Gwendoline Kuhatheva’s Technique International is accredited to the Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology UK.

With an assortment of courses as spa therapy, reflexology, anatomy and physiology, diet and nutrition, aromatherapy, fashion and photographic make up being conducted at Technique International, two new courses have now been set in place — nurse assistance and carers, and food and beverage service.

The courses conducted here are accredited to TVEC and are in collaboration with NAITA, and the qualifications are recognised by the hair dressing council for state registration with the World Federation of Hair Dressing and Beauty School of UK and City & Guilds (UK)  have given the nod of approval to both the teaching and qualification given by Kuhatheva.

Contrary to common belief that spas are a new way of life, Kuhatheva said that spas have a history dating back from 5,000 B.C.

Water therapy

“Acupressure systems were done in China and the Chinese had their own forms of treatment. Indian ayurvedic treatment is a forerunner of many of the treatments. Water therapy was started by the Egyptians,” pointed out Kuhatheva.

‘Spa’ is thought to be derived from the Latin phrase ‘Solus per aqua.’ “In 5000 B.C. the Chinese developed their own system and it was at this time  ayurveda medicine was practiced in India and water therapy and herbal treatments were developed by Egyptians. In 300 B.C. water treatments were done by ancient Greeks.  Thalassotherapy was defined and developed using sea water, algae, mud and sand in 1867 AD,” explained Kuhatheva.

“It was in 1991 that the International Spa Association was established in the USA and the European Spa Association established in 1995. Spa therapy qualifications were developed in 2000,” pointed out Kuhatheva.

Speaking of spa therapy, Kuhatheva said that there is a spa revolution today. “This expansion has resulted in the development of standards and qualification in spa therapy as a more relevant, specialised qualification for individuals wanting to work in the spa industry,” said Kuhatheva. She  has been conducting spa therapy certificate courses for the past 10 years and has begun a diploma course in spa therapy.

Gwendoline Kuhatheva with her British and French products has created a different treatment system in this country.

Her experiences as a teacher — with a countless students having looked up to her down the years and her experience as a good friend to those she has gathered through her different avenues in life make her tolerant, humane and  understanding.

She respects others in the industry, but being a wizard with treatments like non surgical face-lifts, derma-abrasion, oxyget, clyolift (to freeze wrinkles), colour therapy, thallasotherapy, stone therapy and other holistic therapies, Kuhatheva certainly believes that she can make her own miracles.








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