Warped Minds Sway The Country

The furious political debates now threatening to tear Sri Lanka apart fall into two categories: (a)Those that hold the Yahapalanaya government responsible for all evil that has befallen Sri Lanka for the past two-and-a-half years and that for any good to happen the fallen Rajapaksa regime should be resurrected; and (b) All insurmountable problems faced [...]

Winners Who, Losers Who?

by N. Sathiya Moorthy Looks as if President Maithiripala Sirisena may have succeeded in purchasing time till end-December for the coalition Government running in his name, with his SLFP’s traditional UNP rival Ranil Wickremesinghe as Prime Minister. The success of his enterprise will depend entirely depend on the willingness of various stake-holders in this Government [...]

The Need For Practicality Coupled With Principle

The fact that the dengue pandemic has reached the proportions it has, leading, among other responses, to the German government issuing a travel advisory for Sri Lanka does not appear to have ‘fizzed; on the current bunch of self-seeking politicians posing as those providing us with governance of some description. Many years ago, after the [...]

ABA’s Unique Experiment Faces Layton Cup Test

 THE ABA’s bold and costly experiment in permitting individual clubs to represent the country at less-renowned international competitions will face its first scrutiny at the Aug. 2-6 Layton Cup, the most-coveted 75-year old piece of silver on boxing’s prize table, awarded to the most outstanding boxer at the 1942-founded annual competition.  Before we take up [...]

GMOA Has No Right To Hold Poor Patients At Ransom

The Government Medical Officers Association is nothing but a trade union of medical officers in government service. Its Constitution provides for the GMOA not only to safeguard the rights of its members, but also to ensure that responsibilities of members of the GMOA as to the medical treatment of patients, the majority of whom are [...]

Politics Is The Art Of The Possible

There were reverberations in the body politic of Sri Lanka last week when reports said that the usually reticent President Maithripala Sirisena had told his cabinet that if he had the opportunity to appoint ministers in charge of two particular portfolios, some leaders of the former regime would have now been behind bars. What he [...]

Modi Trots The Globe While Kashmir Fire Rages

Thirty years ago (July 1987) Sri Lankan President J. R. Jayewardene was forced to sign the Indo Lanka Agreement after the infamous violation of Sri Lankan airspace by the Indian Air Force and Indian warships docked into Trincomalee harbour unannounced carrying thousands of troops. Media pundits, liberal thinkers, so called intellectuals and the like went [...]

Where From Here, Unity And Govt?

by N. Sathiya Moorthy Come September and the question would be upper-most in the minds of everyone, more than Constitution-making, economy and whatever: “Where from here, the unity Government, the unity of the Government, and possibly, the Government itself?” There is a caveat, thankfully. President Maithiripala Sirisena should convince his so-called ‘rebellious’ MPs to fall [...]

Down The Slippery Slope To …Where?

Led by that most reprehensible of politicians, the current Minister of Justice, there are assembling on the government benches a motley crew of some of the most unprincipled characters to claim the garb of ‘representatives of the Sri Lankan people.’ Goodness knows we’ve had our share of these types over the years and we certainly [...]

A Reminder Of Life After Godda

BEING tagged favourites is nice but dangerous, just ask Sri Lanka’s just-resigned cricket captain Angelo Mathews. The world of course now know what became of his prediction to take the ODI series against Zimbabwe five-zero; the horrible inaccuracy of which must pass into folklore as one of game’s biggest gaffes. Prior to the start of [...]

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