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The ‘Truth’ Seekers

by Gamini Weerakoon

The fact that each and every day Sri Lanka is alleged to have been sold to somebody or the other is proof that it has not been sold There are provisions in the RTI itself which forbid supply of information on vital areas for the benefit of public interest Do critics of this government who [...]

Jayalalitha’s Ghost Haunts Bizarre Indian Political Blockbuster


V. K. Shashikala was a video cassette seller who was rescued from obscurity by Jayalalitha about two decades ago Shashikala on the death of JJ, though officially not holding any political position, deftly maneuvered herself as the Chief of the AIADMK Party Panneerselvam, a devoted JJ loyalist, had been the standby Chief Minister on three [...]

Trump’s Sri Lanka?


by N. Sathiya Moorthy  Rather than fighting American wars elsewhere, if only to secure the ‘homeland’ from military/militant attacks, and/or its economy, he seems keen to protect and strengthen that protection from within Sooner than later, Trump would come to understand that trust of nations is not built on shouting the other one down, and [...]

Boxing’s Troubles Deepen


BOXING fans don’t have to guess that all hasn’t been well with the sport’s administration lately. They smell it, they know it. The three-year denial of their solitary refreshment of international competition, an annual ABA-hosted dual with different nations since 2004, conveys the message that the sport’s health isn’t too good – much in the [...]

Indian Woman Seeks Ban On Porn Websites


NEW DELHI, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) — An Indian woman has approached the country’s Supreme Court and sought an immediate ban on all pornographic websites, claiming that her husband has become a porn addict as a result of which her family life has been ruined. “My husband has become an addict of porn and spends alot [...]


by Gamini Weerakoon

 Some leading lights of the medical profession did not agree with the acolytes but they saw the benefits of limiting numbers in the profession Are the SLMC, the GMOA and the agitating rabble that go along with them vested with constitutional powers equivalent to that of the judiciary? ‘A demagogue is one who preaches doctrines [...]

The Jury Is Out: Armed Forces, Not India, Stalled JRJ’s ‘Jaffna Advance’

J. R. Jayewardene

by N. Sathiya Moorthy It’s sad that based merely on speculative assessments that India’s ‘Operation Garland’ of air-dropping food and medicines to the civilian population, bilateral relations had been allowed to flounder It needs to be recalled that only a day before ‘Operation Garland’, India had sent in civilian boats filled with food and medicines, [...]

Keeping A Close Eye On Trump


  by Ashanthi Warunasuirya The President of the United States Donald Trump has taken some decisions since assuming office which has seen some Asian countries looking to keep a distance from the powerful Nation. Thousands have been protesting in the US against Trump and what is seen as a move to curb the human rights [...]

Head On Collision Of Trump’s ‘Making America Great’ And Modi’s ‘Make In India?’


Trump is an extrovert nationalist wanting to make his mark in history Modi wants India to be a world power The Indian government wants more visas The commonly held belief that ‘great minds agree’ requires a qualification with regards to the ownership of the minds involved. Minds may be great but personalities, their interests and [...]

Crown Sits Nicely On Kandy


LET’S first be clear on this: not good fortune or god played a part in Kandy SC taking the League championship this season – full stop. In the critical encounter against no.2 Havelock SC last weekend, the defending champions came away much the better team, superiority over rival title-contenders as emphatic as the final score-line: [...]

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