‘Sil Redi’ And Subversion Of Buddhism

Exposures made in the Sil Redi (Holy White Cloth) case have torn the sanctity of the garb worn by pious Buddhists on Full Moon Days to shreds. The massive Rs. 650 million ‘gift’ to the pious adherents by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC), the High Court held, amounted to misappropriation of state funds. The verdict delivered [...]

From Nothing To Midas Touch; Boxers Blossom

HERE’s one for Ripley’s book of improbable feats: Sri Lankan boxers have won five international gold medals over a period of just five months, the last in early August, by Dinidu Saparamadu at the six-nation Taipei City Cup championships, the Slimeline BC boxer’s second gold; his first was in the Slovakia International in May. A [...]

S. Thomas College Celebrates 100 Years At Mt. Lavinia

S. Thomas College was created as the fulfillment of a dream and vision of the First Anglican Bishop of Colombo, the Rt. Rev. James Chapman on February 3, 1851. The College was first established in the then prestigious location of Mutwal, overlooking the Colombo Harbour. S. Thomas College thrived at this location and grew from [...]

In Search Of A Dishonest Face

The story of Diogenes, the founder of Cynic philosophy, walking around Athens around 2600 years ago in daylight with a lighted lamp in search of an honest face, is well known. Diogenes, if transmuted to Colombo of August 2017, would probably go around the city with glaring TV lights and a camera crew not in [...]

President And The Constitution

by N. Sathiya Moorthy Almost since the day he assumed office as President, incumbent Maithripala Sirisena has been asserting his ‘right’ of sorts to invite a Prime Minister of his choice to form a Government. He has also reiterated that General Elections will not be held any time before due, in 2020. The President’s first [...]

Entitlement And Impunity – A Deadly Combination

Watching the cloud of corruption that seemed to have lifted with the defeat of the Rajapaksa Regime descending again on their successors, fills one with not only a sense of disgust but one of dejection. Resorting to the old fall-back of resignation is hardly a response deserving of acceptance given the plight of our nation [...]

Do Small States Need Nuclear Deterrents?

Pakistan’s motivation for nuclear weapons arose from a need to prevent nuclear blackmail by India. Had Iraq and Libya been nuclear powers they wouldn’t have been destroyed the way we have seen recently. If Pakistan had atomic capability before 1971 we Pakistanis would not have lost half of our country in a disgraceful defeat” Abdul [...]

Holistic Approach Necessary

To Improve our Political Administration system by Bernard Fernando I read with interest Prof. Rajiva Wijesinghe’s ‘Suggestions for improving the quality of our legislators’ presented at an OPA seminar. He has very appropriately placed ‘Change of Electoral system’ on the top of his suggestions list. However, he has chosen to confine his discourse to improving [...]

… And Sadly, A Bronze Medal Was Lost

THERE was a time when the business of conducting inter-schools rugby was under the purview of the Sri Lanka RFU, the parent body. That was in the spacious days when barely a dozen schools were involved in the game, and appointing dates and venues for schools’ games didn’t place any great constraint on the CRFU, [...]

Cricketers, Bring Back Lost Image And Stature

Not intriguing, but mind boggling why cricketers, particularly in Asian, African countries, are gradually transforming their elegant, graceful appearance of being a cricketer, and usually were called ‘gentlemen to the finger tips’. Until recently, cricketers were admired, respected looked upon as models, not only for their cricketing skills, but also their immaculate attire and their [...]

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