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Deciding Between Ghosts Of LTTE Past And Peace

Despite sharing over six decades of independence, the Sinhala and Tamil vote has not agreed when electing a President to the country. Five years post war, the irrelevance of the minority vote in a real sense outside of a number used to move a Southern agenda will become more real than ever. It is indeed [...]

Selling The Nationalist ‘Agenda’

Sri Lankan politics is really about how good a salesman you are. The voter patterns in the post independent country suggests that if the package on offer is attractive, very little interest is placed on the contents. Sadly that has also had its more than safe share of inclusion in the candidates the country continues [...]

‘The Face Of Buddhist Terror?’

For a majority Buddhist country, the politics of Myanmar is complex. And if one wants to, it’s not difficult to draw comparisons between Myanmar and Sri Lanka, given the religious history shared between the two states. Sadly, the comparisons drawn today are not along these lines. Neither are they ones that are comparable to the [...]

Advised At Last

They accuse President Rajapaksa of trying to checkmate them. The Presidential Proclamation last week appointing a three member Advisory Council certainly had the effect of leaving many in shock. Chaired by Sir Desmond de Silva QC, the Council to the Commission of Inquiry on Missing persons now tasked to investigate alleged war crimes, includes Sir Geoffrey [...]

Tamil Dignity Is Non-Negotiable

It was during the days leading to the Indo Lanka Accord- a date in late May of 1987. Late President J.R. Jayewardene was meeting India’s High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Jyotindra Nath Dixit at the former’s residence in Ward Place, Colombo. India’s mediation had suffered its lowest as the Sri Lankan forces had launched a military [...]

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