The Sunday Leader

The Winner

The battle for supremacy between My-three and Ma-hinder has even reached the social media platform. It was some time back that the media teams of both My-three and Ma-hinder engaged in a battle to record the highest number of Likes in their respective pages in the most famous book in cyber space. While Ma-hinder’s team [...]

No Show

The group that calls themselves the joint opposition last week made their way to Seenigama seeking divine intervention against the moves by the yahapalanaya to catch the thieves of the past regime. The event commenced with the group organizing a robbery to steal coconuts to be dashed at the temple. They then marched to Seenigama [...]

Stealing For Divine Intervention

The busy bodies in the group that call themselves the joint opposition it seems are busy stealing coconuts these days. Last week the opposing ones decided to dash coconuts in the Seenigama Devala against the khaki coats investigating all that is wrong in financial fronts. One smart Morning type said that one million coconuts will [...]


The office of the once powerful official who defends Paradise Isle is no longer what it used to be. During the period of the former Kingdom, the one defended Paradise Isle with secretarial work wielded much power and found abode at an extensive official residence down Stanmore Way. However, those who had succeeded the former [...]

Aiming High

Deaths and funerals are no longer a solemn occasion for politicos in Paradise Isle. In fact, it is time to calculate and see how the loss could be used for another’s advantage. This situation was witnessed when a ministering angel in the yahapalana cupboard passed away last week. It was Bonny Fonny who sprung into [...]

The Front Page

Ma-hinder, who until assuming office as the King had a good rapport with the print media, is now looking at starting one of his own after returning to terra firma. It is learnt that some members of the pro-Ma-hinder group have mooted the idea of starting a rag that would help promote the former King [...]

Feeling Isolated

The helayas who joined the yahapalana bandwagon are feeling quite isolated these days. With the cash inflow marked for Wanna-sinha being defeated in the council that governs the west, supported by the blue members in the yahapalana clan, the helayas are a disgruntled lot. Champ-ika decided to take the matter to Ra-kneel, who, after listening [...]

New Year Greeting

Ma-hinder made his way to invoke blessings of the deity in the deep south, Lord Kataragama for the new year. Together with his better half, Ma-hinder made his way to the devalaya to participate in the pooja at midnight on the 31st. After making his way into the devala, Ma-hinder was none too pleased to [...]

The Slip

A slip of the tongue they say is no slip of the brain. Or is it? The Lord of the Colombo City had to learn the hard way the truth about a slip of the tongue. Moo-sa was to deliver a short speech at a recent event attended by My-three. Addressing the gathering, Moo-sa addressed [...]

Lady problem

Sri-parlour the blue ministering angel is facing many problems these days. However, all these troubles are by one lady – a young lady doctor. Sri-parlour after showing a keen eye to this young lass was on an armourous journey when things started to get sour. The young lady doctor after a while started to act [...]

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