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Unanswered Questions

The application of the title of this piece to what is happening on the political landscape might be considered to constitute the epitome of redundancy. No matter. Repeating the truth should never be unacceptable and in what follows, I will seek to draw the reader’s attention to a few, very few, questions that could and [...]

Down The Slippery Slope To …Where?

Led by that most reprehensible of politicians, the current Minister of Justice, there are assembling on the government benches a motley crew of some of the most unprincipled characters to claim the garb of ‘representatives of the Sri Lankan people.’ Goodness knows we’ve had our share of these types over the years and we certainly [...]

A Hell Of A Ward!

Installment 3: I will now take up where I left readers last week – unconscious on a hospital floor after unsuccessfully seeking assistance from the nursing staff of the ward. As I understand it, a cardio-thoracic surgical team took me in their care and performed emergency open-heart surgery in order to clear out all the [...]

A Hell Of A Ward!

I closed last week at the point that the Attendant shaving my entire body with a razor blade held between his fingers had created the opportunity for me to enter one of those faiths that require circumcision. As an atheist, that would have been a rather unfortunate fate, to understate the case! Anyway, I was [...]

While There’s Life, There’s Hope

Having been castigated for being a prophet of doom and gloom insofar as the future of the Resplendent Isle is concerned, being subjected to recurring abuse accompanying the allegation that I am simply a “disgruntled victim of the great Hector Kobbekaduwa’s Land reform” etc. etc., it gives me a bit of satisfaction to document a [...]

Running With The Hare And Hunting With The Hounds

The title of this piece should, in fact, read, ‘You shouldn’t be able to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds’ because that would be more appropriate given what I am about to say. However, since most editors don’t want long titles to the articles they accept for publication … On several previous [...]

The Joys of Country Living!

Friends who are compelled to live in the urban centres of Sri Lanka often express their envy at what they see as our idyllic existence in “the boonies” of our land. Let me take this opportunity of disabusing them of these false impressions, even though it might already be too late. What follows is a [...]

Election-Related Violence

Part way through the election, I had some of my village contacts complaining that thuggery had extended to boulders and logs being rolled on main roads, preventing sick people, irrespective of party affiliation, traversing the roads of our rural part of the world after dark in search of hospital treatment I decided to do the [...]

Gratitude: An Interesting Concept

by Emil van der Poorten What follows is not an attempt at some intellectual exercise but some random thoughts that have arisen thanks to public perceptions and applications of the term gratitude and, on a more personal level, the practice of ‘gratitude’, in a variety of ways without any reference to what the sum total [...]

Depriving The Poor Of Water!

by Emil van der Poorten When one of the elements necessary for the very survival of any being is toyed with, it is time to cry halt to corruption at every level, particularly the local one where a simple task becomes a life-threatening one. I live near a settlement of what can accurately be described [...]

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