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It’s Win Or Bust V. China In Colombo

The chances of Sri Lanka earning the right of presence to next year’s World Series Qualifier in Hong Kong have now receded to a point beyond retrieve. Having ended fifth in the first of the Asian Rugby Sevens’ three-leg series in early September, the Sri Lankans were required to finish at least third in the [...]

SL Rugby: Club First, Country Next.

IT won’t be long before the 2017-18 inter-club rugby season is upon us, Nov. 3 precisely, CH hosting CR. And the SLRFU ex-co confirms that there’ll be no changes to the format of the league tournament in the new season; things remain as they were. So, you might well ask, how the continuance of a [...]

From Nothing To Midas Touch; Boxers Blossom

HERE’s one for Ripley’s book of improbable feats: Sri Lankan boxers have won five international gold medals over a period of just five months, the last in early August, by Dinidu Saparamadu at the six-nation Taipei City Cup championships, the Slimeline BC boxer’s second gold; his first was in the Slovakia International in May. A [...]

… And Sadly, A Bronze Medal Was Lost

THERE was a time when the business of conducting inter-schools rugby was under the purview of the Sri Lanka RFU, the parent body. That was in the spacious days when barely a dozen schools were involved in the game, and appointing dates and venues for schools’ games didn’t place any great constraint on the CRFU, [...]

Neath Davis Cup Glory, Lurks Insecurity

THERE can only be admiration for the manner in which Sri Lanka swept to no.1 in the nine-nation Group 3 Davis Cup tie in Colombo last week, so reclaiming Group 2 status, ceded last year to Indonesia.Throughout the week, the host showed, apart from outstanding form, an unquenchable desire to win; and win they did [...]

ABA’s Unique Experiment Faces Layton Cup Test

 THE ABA’s bold and costly experiment in permitting individual clubs to represent the country at less-renowned international competitions will face its first scrutiny at the Aug. 2-6 Layton Cup, the most-coveted 75-year old piece of silver on boxing’s prize table, awarded to the most outstanding boxer at the 1942-founded annual competition.  Before we take up [...]

A Reminder Of Life After Godda

BEING tagged favourites is nice but dangerous, just ask Sri Lanka’s just-resigned cricket captain Angelo Mathews. The world of course now know what became of his prediction to take the ODI series against Zimbabwe five-zero; the horrible inaccuracy of which must pass into folklore as one of game’s biggest gaffes. Prior to the start of [...]

‘Godda’ The Great Thinks Of Calling It A Day

IT IS Sri Lanka tennis’ misfortune that it has lived long, and continues to, in the shadows of the more popular sports. Its’ elitism, emanating from being a pastime unaffordable to a majority of the young has left tennis without the sort of grass root popularity that other sport enjoys, notably cricket, rugby and athletics. [...]

SLTA Invests Rs 15m To Win Back Group 2 Pride

AFTER competing for five successive years in Group 2 of the Davis Cup competition, Sri Lanka’s 2017 campaign, July 17-22 in Colombo, at a level lower can be anything but a cheerful experience. Securing a place in Group 2 back in 2012, the enhanced status has been Sri Lanka tennis’ sole source of pride, as [...]

ABA’s New Olympic Plan

WHILST a sense of well-being and hope now pervades our boxing world, following the election a fortnight ago of a new ABA committee, the leader himself is anything but at ease with the tasks ahead of him. Sri Lanka boxing over the past two-three years fell on hard time, and Dian Gomes won’t be unaware [...]

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