A Reminder Of Life After Godda

BEING tagged favourites is nice but dangerous, just ask Sri Lanka’s just-resigned cricket captain Angelo Mathews. The world of course now know what became of his prediction to take the ODI series against Zimbabwe five-zero; the horrible inaccuracy of which must pass into folklore as one of game’s biggest gaffes. Prior to the start of [...]

‘Godda’ The Great Thinks Of Calling It A Day

IT IS Sri Lanka tennis’ misfortune that it has lived long, and continues to, in the shadows of the more popular sports. Its’ elitism, emanating from being a pastime unaffordable to a majority of the young has left tennis without the sort of grass root popularity that other sport enjoys, notably cricket, rugby and athletics. [...]

SLTA Invests Rs 15m To Win Back Group 2 Pride

AFTER competing for five successive years in Group 2 of the Davis Cup competition, Sri Lanka’s 2017 campaign, July 17-22 in Colombo, at a level lower can be anything but a cheerful experience. Securing a place in Group 2 back in 2012, the enhanced status has been Sri Lanka tennis’ sole source of pride, as [...]

ABA’s New Olympic Plan

WHILST a sense of well-being and hope now pervades our boxing world, following the election a fortnight ago of a new ABA committee, the leader himself is anything but at ease with the tasks ahead of him. Sri Lanka boxing over the past two-three years fell on hard time, and Dian Gomes won’t be unaware [...]

ARC Campaign Sacrificed At Sevens Altar

SRI LANKA’s rugby defeat at the hands of Malaysia is cause for concern –especially viewed from a historical perspective. The loss a fortnight ago, in Ipoh, was the second conceded to the host country in as many years; and following as it does our impeccable past record against the Malaysians, the twin reversals in the [...]

World C’shipPresence And Five Wins Promise New Era

LET the final outcome be told first: none of Sri Lanka’s ten boxers managed a medal at last week’s 28-nation Asian Elite Championships, in Tashkent – and there’s nothing uncommon about that. In fact, no boxer since 1967, when the event went by the name of Asian Boxing Championships, has emulated the deeds of H [...]

Sevens Or 15s: Five Top Players Want Both; Whither SLRFU’s Medal Plan AS at last count, Wednesday, seven of the 12-man squad who were on national Sevens duty at last month’s World Series Qualifier in Hong Kong have opted out of selections to next week’s Div.1 Asian Fifteens Championships, in Malaysia. Among the seven who’ve [...]

Dian Gives Notice Of Aims; His Boxers Win In Paris

NOT until May 9, when the AGM is done and completed, will Dian Gomes be able to officially take control of the ABA. But characteristically, the man can’t wait till the day of the AGM to get started. A Special General Meeting of the ABA on March 22 had nominated him as next president – [...]

Qualifier Exposes Lacks; SLRFU Has To Take A Call

LOSSES in all three Group matches andresultantly,the team’s reduction to mere tourists for all but some 10 minutes of day 2, hardly encouragesany flattering description of Sri Lanka’s recent World Series Qualifier campaign, in Hong Kong. Rather, a one-word description springs easier to mind: abject. Disappointing as our performance was, there’s no reason,though, to gnash [...]

In Chasing 7s Medal, Don’t Lose Way To 15s Goal

THE 1976-inaugurated Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, the 42nd edition of which kicks off Friday, is unquestionably the reason why the abbreviated game enjoys the global appeal it does today. What in its early years resembled more an invitational inter-club fun event than a serious international tournament, the eventhas now acquired an unrecognizable proportion of grandeur. [...]

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