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A Constitutional Draft Of The Mahasangha?

A common rule well observed in Sri Lanka’s political grammar is: Horrendous mistakes and lies made or uttered by opponents in the past is open licence for those in power to repeat them. That constant refrain we hear from politicians now in or out of power: ‘What did you say and do in your time?’ [...]

Why Does The Opposition Agree On Everything?

‘If two people agree on everything and anything, one person is doing the thinking’ To those of the new generations not familiar with Spanish writer Don Miguel Cervantes’s delightful book Don Quixote, Sancho Panza is a fictional hero who goes around the country fighting imaginary threats on a donkey along with his master Don Quixote [...]

Can More Women Politicos Improve Governance?

PC wars then and now Women being granted 25 per cent representation in provincial councils without being voted in, we thought would be a cause for celebrations, at least in a feminine way. Generally, when they win a skirmish in the Battle of the Sexes they don’t dance on the streets after wetting their throats [...]

The Games Played By Lanka’s Political Prophets

‘Was dissolution of parliament on the advice of trusty astrologers who erroneously saw benign configurations of planets in the Solar System on January 15, 2015 or did MR’s Treasury Secretary T. B. Jayasundera tell him that the Treasury vaults were cleaned out for construction of narcissistic projects to perpetuate immortality and that the debt burden [...]

Politicos And Medicos Make Sri Lanka A Joke

Sri Lanka may justifiably be called Nutty Lanka considering the ludicrous conduct in public of some of our monks, politicians and government officials. Two weeks ago some opposition politicians took on the role of being ‘gurus’ to monks making them or those clad in Saffron robes like monks, go on ‘pindapaatha’ with begging bowls traditionally [...]

‘Sil Redi’ And Subversion Of Buddhism

Exposures made in the Sil Redi (Holy White Cloth) case have torn the sanctity of the garb worn by pious Buddhists on Full Moon Days to shreds. The massive Rs. 650 million ‘gift’ to the pious adherents by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC), the High Court held, amounted to misappropriation of state funds. The verdict delivered [...]

Sri Lanka: Paradise Or Nut House?

That old advertising jingle of the seventies sung in a hybrid accent: ‘Shree Lanker Paradise’ which occasionally keeps coming back to us raises the question: Where the hell am I? Paradise or some kind of nut-house? Hospitals, even, private hospitals are chock-a-block. Government hospitals are overflowing and patients are two to a bed and under beds [...]

‘Patriots’, Scoundrels And The Government

The many ‘patriots’ who are seen on the streets these days  bringing everyday life to a standstill, shouting obscenities, creating chaos, causing much hardship to people are indeed giving patriotism a bad name.  It gives credence to that old saying of Samuel Johnson: “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” Are these imposters of [...]

Warped Minds Sway The Country

The furious political debates now threatening to tear Sri Lanka apart fall into two categories: (a)Those that hold the Yahapalanaya government responsible for all evil that has befallen Sri Lanka for the past two-and-a-half years and that for any good to happen the fallen Rajapaksa regime should be resurrected; and (b) All insurmountable problems faced [...]

Politics Is The Art Of The Possible

There were reverberations in the body politic of Sri Lanka last week when reports said that the usually reticent President Maithripala Sirisena had told his cabinet that if he had the opportunity to appoint ministers in charge of two particular portfolios, some leaders of the former regime would have now been behind bars. What he [...]

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