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Re-check Of Water Samples Prove Cancer Causing Chemicals

Kelani  water  contamination issue by Hafsa Sabry It has been more than a month since the Coca-Cola Beverages Sri Lanka (CCBSL) contaminated the Kelani River water with 4-methylimidazole, a chemical that causes cancer. It was reported at the beginning that the water was contaminated by only diesel following a leakage of a fuel pipe line [...]

Long Wait For RTI To End ?

by Hafsa Sabry The right to information (RTI) is a bill that Sri Lanka waited for decades to be implemented as a fundamental right of an individual of the nation. To achieve the right of the person to receive information on matters that affect their daily lives should be an indication of a great accomplishment [...]

Prince Harry Helps U.S. Marine Make Poignant Tribute

As she travels Britain on a 1,000-mile trek with fellow wounded veterans, former U.S. Marine Kirstie Ennis is making her own quiet tribute to her fallen colleagues. At about every 40 miles, she leaves a memorial dog tag with the name of an armed forces member, along with a note and a poem. And on [...]

India Will Back A Consensus Resolution

There is a “sea change” in the approach of the new Sri Lankan government over the alleged war crimes during the last phase of the civil war with the LTTE and India is hopeful that there will be a consensus resolution on the issue at the UN Human Rights Council, the Press Trust of India [...]

Coir Factory Pollutes Deduru Oya With Calcium Nitrate

By Hafsa Sabry It is a continuing issue that the water in the nation is being contaminated even by the people who use it and the factories that function along the river banks. Deduru Oya, one of the largest rivers used for the intake of water for human consumption and domestic usage is being contaminated [...]

Thousands Of Lives At Risk Kelani River Contamination

By Hafsa Sabry The Kelani River Basin (KRB) is home to over 25% of the country’s population. It is the primary drinking water source for millions of people in the Western, Sabaragamuwa and Central Provinces. Large number of industries, businesses and Local Authorities depend on the resources and services of the KRB. It has been [...]

US House Speaker John Boehner To Resign

John Boehner, the Ohio Republican who steered his party to an overwhelming House majority in 2010, told colleagues Friday he’s stepping down as Speaker and will leave Congress at the end of October. The abrupt decision comes after he faced heavy pressure from conservatives to take a harder line on their causes, most recently over [...]

Army Must Investigate And Punish Criminals

Rathupaswala shooting incident By Hafsa Sabry Three years have elapsed since the shooting incident at Rathupaswala took place to disperse the residents of the areas who were protesting against the glove factory in the area due to environmental issues it created. The main demand of the people was to have access to pure drinking water. [...]

Kelani River Contaminated With Cancer Causing Chemical?

By. Hafsa Sabry The issue of water pollution is yet to be addressed seriously since the relevant authorities say that the inspections and the investigations are still underway to find the reason for groundwater and surface water contamination in several areas in the country. Water contamination is not a new problem to Sri Lanka as [...]

Where From Here, Mr. President?

By N. Sathiya Moorthy It is heartening to note that President Maithripala Sirisena is talking confidently about ‘my Government’ completing its five-year full-term in office. At the swearing-in  ceremony for State Ministers and Deputy Ministers, which put the size of his government to levels closer to that of the historic high under predecessor Mahinda Rajapaksa, [...]

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