‘We Were The Real Winners’ – Samantha Vidyarathna

JVP Uva Provincial Council Chief Ministerial candidate Samantha Vidyarathna said that the Government failed to ‘fool’ the people in Uva unlike in other provinces and received a red signal from the government servants. “Although many incentives were given to the people, the Government still failed to get the majority they wanted. People are wiser and [...]

‘It Was Personal’ – Tissa Attanayake

While the United National Party (UNP) seemed to have reconciled prior to the Uva Provincial Council election, sources say there appears to be the emergence of an internal conflict, consequent to the General Secretary of the UNP, , resigning from the Leadership Council of the party. In an interview with The Sunday Leader, Attanayake spoke [...]

We Are Not Worried At All – Minister Anura Priyadharsana Yapa

While the results of the recently concluded Uva provincial council election show lack of popularity of the government among people in the area, some argued that ‘Harin factor’ may have altered the government’s voter-base. Former UNP parliamentarian Harin Fernando topped the preferential votes at the elections, securing 173,993 votes whereas Shashindra Rajapaksa from the ruling [...]

We Will Be A Formidable Opposition – Harin Fernando

UNP’s Chief Ministerial candidate for the Uva Province, Harin Fernando, said he had met the challenge of mustering support for his party successfully, by obtaining 173,993 preferential votes in the Badulla District translating to 88%, which was the highest number of votes polled, overall in the province. He said the time is opportune for everyone [...]

Child Labor

Kids work at a brick factory in Kabul, Afghanistan. Child labor has remained rampant in brick kiln industry of the country   ———————— Downtown Tokyo Sees Antiracist And Ultra-nationalists Clash TOKYO, (Xinhua) — Tokyo’s downtown multicultural Roppongi district was the center of some heated scenes and clashes Tuesday between an increasingly vociferous ultra-nationalist group whose [...]

Re-merger Of The North And East

The vexed issue re-surfaces By Nirmala Kannangara The re-merger of the Northern and Eastern Provinces as a single political administrative unit is the only solution to the Tamil issue, along with the right to self-determination, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Spokesman and MP, Suresh Premachandran, said. Premachandran said the re-merger of the North and the East [...]

Refugee Conditions In Australia Under Query

Several refugees, including Sri Lankans are said to be living in less than desirable conditions at camps in Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald reported recently. According to the report the heavy psychological toll among some of the refugees has led to extraordinary rates of depression, anxiety and self-harm, including one man repeatedly beating his head [...]

‘ Why am I against Sajith’s appointment? ’ – Karu Jayasuriya

Chairman of the Leadership Commission of the UNP Karu Jayasuriya expresses his concerns towards the recent developments within the Party, despite maintaining that there are ‘no problems in the Party.’ By Chamara Lakshan Kumara Q: It is said that they are cleaning up the Sirikotha again, actually, what’s happening in the party? A: There is no [...]

Muslims The Deciding Factor In The East

Demerged North And East By Waruni Karunarathne A merged North and East has been one of the key demands of many Tamil political parties. From the time the two provinces were demerged there have been attempts to re-merge the two provinces. The TNA has been pointing out that merger of the two provinces was brought [...]

People In East Don’t Need To Merge With North – Pillayan

Re-merging the North and East is an issue which is of no concern not only to the Tamils in the two provinces but also to the Muslims and Sinhalese living in the East. Former Chief Minister of the Eastern Province, Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan, better known as Pillayan, feels the issue is being raised once again purely [...]

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