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A port town’s story of myopic vision and fading development

By Meera Srinivasan “One job per family” is what Sri Lankan authorities promised families like that of Y.B. Henry while taking over their land in 2009 for a deep-water container port. Now ‘resettled’ on government-allocated land located 15 km away from the port, the nearly 475 families are faced with a basic question about livelihood. “My [...]

Return To Sri Lanka: Indian Soldier Revisits A Brutal Battlefield

A 26-year civil war in Sri Lanka left at least 100,000 people dead on both sides of the conflict. In 1987, India sent a peacekeeping force, but it ended up getting drawn into the fighting. Thirty years on, BBC Hindi’s Vineet Khare revisits the former battlefields of Sri Lanka with a retired Indian major-general who [...]

Duminda Told To Wear Spectacles

by Ashanthi Warunasuriya Eye specialists have determined that Duminda Silva should be wearing eye glasses to enable him to see well mainly due to his age, being over 40. This was determined after he was taken to the Colombo Eye Hospital last week. Duminda Silva, a former MP, was taken to the Colombo Eye Hospital [...]

The Unfair Serving Dished Out To Pensioners

by Ashanthi Warunasuriya Pensioners in Sri Lanka, despite having served the country their whole life, are forced to take to the streets in protest against the unfair treatment they are dished out and their meagre pension payments. Adding insult to injury by receiving meagre pensions, some pensioners lament that they do not even receive their [...]

Housing For The Displaced

by Ashanthi Warunasuriya The housing problems of the displaced are yet to be resolved and some of these displaced persons are still either in temporary shelters or live as IDPs. Hence the government is currently in the process of once again addressing their housing concerns are planning on constructing another 50,000 houses for them. This [...]

Suicide On The Rise

by Ashanthi Warunasuriya In the recent past, suicides seem to have increased in Sri Lanka with many reports of youngsters having committed suicide in the news.  In fact there are around 3,500 suicides being reported every year in Sri Lanka. In 1995 however, Sri Lanka had the highest number of suicides in the world but [...]

Sri Lanka Is A Land Of Unprecedented Hope And Optimism – Mohamed Hussain Shareef

Among my most vivid childhood memories is a scene of horror involving an apartment inferno followed by a frantic dash from our Dehiwala home, escorted by family members, to Katunayake Airport. The year was 1983 and the timing was the flaring up of ethnic violence in and around Colombo, which then escalated into a prolonged [...]

International Youth Day 2017

Youth Building Peace: Sri Lanka’s best hope  by Una McCauley – UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative  In September of last year, I had the privilege of attending an event in Galle with the then UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, to meet over 100 young Sri Lankans actively engaged in peacebuilding work. Skilled young men [...]

Kattankudy Mosque Killings In 1990: Reliving Bloodshed And Trauma 27 Years On

by Seyed Alavi Sheriffdeen For the last 27 years, the month of August had descended upon me, bringing with it dark memories of the gruesome images of the Kattankudy Mosque killings that has had a lasting imprint of sorrow and agony on me. This year is no different. On August 3, 1990, 141 worshippers were [...]

Violence In North, LTTE Resurgence Feared

by  Indika Sri Aravinda Due to several incidents of violence that took place in the Jaffna area recently, security in that area has been threatened, according to the security forces. Based on these incidents in the North, there was tension brewing in the South and the politicians in the South were fearful that the LTTE [...]


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