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Playing ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’ On War Crime Probe – But To What End?

by N. Sathiya Moorthy President Sirisena is very clear on this matter and has more than once said there will be no foreign judges in the local judicial mechanism Sri Lanka’s Constitution or the Criminal Procedure Code do not provide for the establishment of a judicial mechanism with foreign judges Manouri Muttetuwegama, veteran attorney-at-law, endorsed [...]

China’s ‘White Paper’ And Sri Lanka

by  Easwaran Rutnam The white paper on policies  is related to Asia-Pacific security cooperation China has been an active development partner to Sri Lanka China says it is committed to promoting peace and stability in this region A white paper issued last week by China virtually puts Sri Lanka on notice on why Sri Lanka [...]

Two Years Of Good Governance: A Mixed Bag

by  Roshani Nathaniel Civil Organisations are displeased with the government Matters with regard to corruption are the biggest hindrance to good governance The main election slogan of the Unity Government was the promise of eradicating corruption Civil Organisations in the country played a pivotal role in bringing the Good Governance regime to power. However, two [...]

Rajapaksa’s ‘Topple-Threat’ Unnerves PM Ranil?

by N. Sathiya Moorthy  In Sri Lanka, however, floor-crossing midway through the life of a Parliament is a practice – good, bad or ugly Politicians in this country have never ever talked about an ‘anti-defection law’ Close to two years in office, the Maithri-Ranil duo has done little to discredit the Rajapaksa regime – other [...]

Looking Across The Palk Strait

by N. Sathiya Moorthy There is no such record of Tamil Nadu politicians visiting Sri Lanka The fact is that Tamil Nadu politicos do not know Sri Lanka Karunanidhi’s command, though firm during a short span, was short-lived The LTTE propagandists too are on the hunt for a successor to hold aloft that crown With [...]

Justice Minister Draws Flak

by Hilmy Ahamed The MCSL calls for action on the blasphemous statements Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is on record saying there is no evidence of IS activity in Sri Lanka The Bodu Bala Sena resurfaced with their racist agenda by coming forward to contest the parliamentary elections Justice and Buddha Sasana Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe is seen as [...]

Squabble Over Damaged Gandhi Statue In Mullaitivu

Two leading Tamil politicians squabble over a controversial  statue of Mahatma Gandhi  Statue  part of a project to honour heroes  Two leading Tamil politicians of North Sri Lanka, both belonging to the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), are squabbling over a controversial statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Mullaitivu town which was found destroyed, the New Indian [...]

Army Probe On Low Quality Food Scam

Losses running into millions by Sujith Mangala De Silva Sri Lanka Army Special Investigations Unit has initiated an investigation regarding the allegations levelled against the main food supplier of the Army for providing low quality food items unsuitable for human consumption contrary to the standard rations menu. According to reports the total loss incurred by [...]

Sri Lanka At A Crossroads – A Tamil Perspective

by Suren Surendiran  A critical analysis of the past 12 months in Sri Lanka paints a more subdued and relatively disappointing picture Levels of military presence in the North and East are not even in any serious discussions as yet There has been very little visible progress being made on the accountability mechanism January 2015 [...]

If It’s Back To H’tota For China And Trinco For US, Is It Neo-Cold War For Sri Lanka?

It’s heartening that Minister Ranatunga has clarified that the ‘framework agreement’ of December eighth was equivalent to a MoU and nothing more and Sri Lanka would have its way on issues of security and other concerns There could have been no two opinions that the $ 1.4-billion port deal was a drain on Sri Lankan [...]

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