If things not going the right way Sri Lanka can advise Maldives – Dunya Maumoon

By Easwaran Rutnam   Former Maldives Foreign Minister and eldest daughter of the former President of the Maldives, Dunya Maumoon, speaks exclusively to the Colombo Gazette on the current state of affairs in the Maldives, the relationship between the Maldives and Sri Lanka and China’s role in the Maldives and calls for unity to address [...]

Sri Lanka hopes India will take stake in airport with no flights

Sri Lanka has already sold China a port that gets almost no ships. The island nation now wants India to take control of an airport with no scheduled flights. The nation first tried to offer China the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport in the southern district of Hambantota, but is now in talks with India, Prime Minister Ranil [...]

Now, Wiggy In The Box

By N Sathiya Moorthy   Through a least-publicised interim order with constitutional consequences otherwise, the Court of Appeal has stayed Northern Province Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran’s unilateral removal of Fisheries and Transport Minister P Deniswaran in August last year. According to available media reports, the Bench comprising Justices Kumudini Wickramasinghe and Janaka de Silva [...]

Who should rule Delhi?

This Tuesday, India’ Supreme Court delivered a landmark judgment on who should rule Delhi – the capital of democratic India. Whether the selected (bureaucrats by the Centre) or the elected (by the people Delhi). This issue had started dominating well after the stunning victory scored by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) of Arvind Khejriwal – [...]

UNHRC or UNSC? Government intransigence feeds ITAK’s militancy and foolishness

By D. Hoole The war with the LTTE came to an end in May 2009 with 40,000 casualties according to the UN Expert Panel. Although Lord Naseby has recently contested this figure, we know from the analysis by “The Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice” that the documents Lord Naseby relied on were untruthful [...]

The ‘Hitler comparison’ can cut in many ways

N Sathiya Moorthy   Gotabhaya Rajapaksa does not require (more) enemies. His ‘friends’, if the Anunayaka of the Asgiriya Chapter, Ven Vedaruvey Upali Thero, is one, is enough. Even as he seems confused still over giving up his US citizenship to be able to contest the 2020 presidential polls, the Thero’s avoidable comparison of Gota R with [...]

Facebook can’t resolve conflicts in Myanmar and Sri Lanka on its own

By Brandon Paladino and Hunter Marston Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been caught up in a whirlwind in recent months, giving congressional testimony and public statements defending Facebook against allegations that it has been too lax in combating online hate speech and disinformation. International criticism has rightly brought attention to the urgent need to address Facebook’s role [...]

The Lotus Tower in Colombo no Trojan Horse

By Trevor Jayetileke The ‘Janus’ like Geography of Sri Lanka affords it the ‘Gateway status’  after the rise of the Asia Pacific in the 21st Century on account of the “Chinese Factor”. The two facial profiles of JANUS the Roman God of Gates and Entrances looking in two directions ( East & West ) as the [...]

Putting the ‘Tamil House’ in order

By N Sathiya Moorthy   Waking up like the proverbial Rip van Winkle so to say, Northern Province’s TNA (?) Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran has sought a ‘through probe’ into the ‘bonds scam’, when everyone else in the country thought that at least the probe part of it all was behind them. However, there [...]

Is the State grossly underestimating the losses from the mob violence in Kandy?

By L. Zubair, C. Malge, F.Shakira, T. Hadgie, S. Rameezand A.Nijamdeen Background In March 2018, mob violence visited pockets in an East to West arc5-20 km North of Kandy. The state is obligated to ensure the safety of its citizens andit failed to do so.In spite of urgent warnings of impending violence and reassurances by [...]

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