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A Dark Side To Vesak

How many hundreds of millions were spent on the Vesak celebrations this year? I know i sound like a wet blanket. Why can’t I just chillax and enjoy the party? Incidentally, do Sri Lankans party to forget everything else, or do we forget everything else when we party? That question is purely academic, but the [...]

The Nether Regions Of Marketing

I saw this eyebrow raising advertisement the other day trying to sell fairness cream for vaginas or, so corrects my spellchecker, vaginae. What will these ingenious Indians think of next? This led me down a train of thought that I’ve often climbed on before, but rarely sat inside until the last stop. Which was ‘Makeup [...]

Where is Japan Heading?

I was lucky enough to visit Tokyo in February, to get a glimpse at one of the world’s most developed cities, in country that was the onetime contender for the biggest economy in the world. The common perception is that the glory days of Japan are maturing. The economy posted yet another year of not-so [...]

When Desperate Consumers Meet Opportunistic Businessmen

I Just watched a film called Dirty Pretty Things. It depicts a seedier side of London. A London where illegal immigrants sell their kidneys for forged passports. They do this so that they can live normal lives, be recognized as human beings in a place where being without proper documents can mean having to eke [...]

Interest Rates Have Increased, Now What?

The government didn’t surprise anyone when they increased interest rates last week. Policy rates went up by as much as 75 basis points. This was a part of the IMF’s demands in return for giving Sri Lanka the next tranche of the credit line they opened up for us a long time ago. It was [...]

On Road Rage And Sri Lankans

It was late, the roads were empty, and I was cruising with my arm on the window sill. I am approaching the Dehiwala flyover when I see him. A pair of headlights, their proximity indicating that they belonged to a car of Indian make, appears behind me and to the left. I am now really [...]

Sri Lanka’s Economy Is Doing Well (Theoretically)

The IMF is positive on the Sri Lankan economy. But ask anyone on the street and they will simply give you a thumbs down and say many disparaging things while complaining about the ever rising cost of living. It doesn’t matter that food prices have been dropping for well near a year now, Sri Lankans [...]

What Happened To The Rupee?

A little more than a month ago the rupee was doing fine. Ticking along at a nice pace of about 110 ish. The subsequent move to 115  shocked a few people, but in true Sri Lankan fashion, we put up and shut up about it and just moved on with our lives. After the sudden [...]

Expensive Coffee Anyone?

Expensive coffee shops have been blossoming all over Colombo. They serve as a much needed place for affluent people with refined tastes to sit and relax. Colombo is notoriously boring in the daytime and not so interesting in the night either. That is, once you’ve had your fill of its meager decent entertainment and realise [...]

Dirt Cheap Designer Wear

Often in Sri Lankan clothing stores you can find designer wear going dirt cheap. Most of these clothes come from garment factories. They are either rejected shipments or a result of surplus production. It is illegal for the factories concerned to sell these items under the names of their original brands, so most of the [...]

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