Beware Of Break-bone Fever Symptoms

By Pavithra Jovan De Mello Dengue is a deadly disease that is caused by the dengue virus, which is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito has become a common situation in our country of late. Even with so many laws and regulation implemented by the government to control the disease and spread awareness to the [...]

Avurudu Shopping

Music, Sarees And Half-Told Stories

By Maryam Azwer Pictures by Pavithra Jovan De Mello The music is loud, the colours are vibrant, and the girls who have just stepped off the stage are in a fit of giggles outside the main hall. Inside, a ceremony is taking place, and the announcer is informing the audience of the next event on [...]

Ego Or Insecurity ! Giant Sized Hoardings Of The President Hits Colombo Again

Pictures by Pavithra Jovan De Mello From the largest one found at the Ayurveda roundabout in Rajigiriya, which stands at a massive 20 feet by 40 feet, to the comparatively smaller ones found on Baseline Road which are 8 feet by 16 feet, the hoardings of President Mahinda Rajapaksa are a frequent phenomena to behold [...]

A National Stink

Text and Pictures By Pavithra Jovan De Mello The Dehiwala National Zoo. We have all been here at least once in our lifetime- some many times. The place currently needs a thorough overhaul. Some of the animals’ cages are either too small or not in  a good condition, and the sanitation services for the visitors [...]

The Battle Of The Blues 2012

Text and Pictures by: Pavithra Jovan De Mello The 133rd Battle of the Blues, the biggest and the oldest school cricket encounter was held at the SSC grounds Colombo 7, on the 8th, 9th and 10th of March. The Battle of the Blues is over 132 years old, played by two great schools which even [...]

When The Saints Go Marching In

Text and Pictures by – Pavithra Jovan De Mello The cheering crowd, flags of blue, yellow and white waving in the air, and a mixture of emotion. Hundreds of supporters had gathered to witness one of the biggest and most anticipated school cricket matches in Sri Lanka. St. Josephs College versus St. Peters College. The [...]

Fuel Prices Go Through The Roof

Text and Pictures By Pavithra Jovan De Mello Amidst the riots and protest that have been taking place in the island due to the increase in fuel prices, The Sunday Leader visited the poor areas of Colombo to find out how the price increase of kerosine oil impacted on the poor of Sri Lanka. Speaking [...]

The Need For An Overall Reorganisation In The System Of Governanance

By Victor Ivan The political outlook of our country has not kept pace with the unprecedented changes that have swept across the modern world today.  It still stagnates at   an unprogressive level where the ideological backwardness of politicians reigns supreme. Although, Prabhakaran had been removed from the political scene of the country, the various schools [...]

Rust Buckets That Pass For School Vans

By Imaad Majeed Pictures by Pavithra Jovan De Mello While the number of accidents have been increasing of late, little attention has been paid to the state of vehicles on the road. Aside from emission tests, there is no system for assessing the condition of vehicles, particularly school vans. Children are put at risk day [...]

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