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From ‘Cold War’ to ‘cash war’?

By N Sathiya Moorthy   Not many politicians in Third World nations, including Sri Lanka, are known to do a lot of research or maintain archival information that they can draw from at the proverbial drop of the hat, to attack adversaries ahead of elections, or in Parliament or outside. In Sri Lanka, their numbers [...]

Now, Wiggy In The Box

By N Sathiya Moorthy   Through a least-publicised interim order with constitutional consequences otherwise, the Court of Appeal has stayed Northern Province Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran’s unilateral removal of Fisheries and Transport Minister P Deniswaran in August last year. According to available media reports, the Bench comprising Justices Kumudini Wickramasinghe and Janaka de Silva [...]

The ‘Hitler comparison’ can cut in many ways

N Sathiya Moorthy   Gotabhaya Rajapaksa does not require (more) enemies. His ‘friends’, if the Anunayaka of the Asgiriya Chapter, Ven Vedaruvey Upali Thero, is one, is enough. Even as he seems confused still over giving up his US citizenship to be able to contest the 2020 presidential polls, the Thero’s avoidable comparison of Gota R with [...]

Putting the ‘Tamil House’ in order

By N Sathiya Moorthy   Waking up like the proverbial Rip van Winkle so to say, Northern Province’s TNA (?) Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran has sought a ‘through probe’ into the ‘bonds scam’, when everyone else in the country thought that at least the probe part of it all was behind them. However, there [...]

Whose ‘hundred days’ was it anyway?

By N Sathiya Moorthy Even the most imaginative of the incumbent Government’s supporters – or even critics – could have thought of such a ridiculous level to which the intra-alliance debate has descended. From the looks of it, it can only go further down, not regain any modicum of relative respectability and credibility, which alone [...]

Can Modi better Vajpayee?

By Vidyadharan MP On May 26, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi completed four years of his five-year term. Next summer, Modi’s party Bharatiya Janata Party has to face the people again. So, now the debate has begun whether he will be able to become the first non-Congress, and obviously the first BJP PM, to retain [...]

Silencing dissent through silence

By N. Sathiya Moorthy It’s not cricket! Call it the fallout of the ‘Big Two’ forming a coalition Government or whatever, if there is a ‘Royal vs The Rest’, if not the conventional kind of ‘Royal vs Thomian’ tourney in the ritualistic ‘Battle of the Blues’ year after year, including the ‘War years’, it could [...]

‘Neat closure’ for the new Constitution?

By N. Sathiya Moorthy Now that the ‘Central Bank bonds scam’, the local government polls, and the more recent no-confidence motion (NCM) against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe are all behind the nation, it may be time someone at least revives the forgotten thought of the ‘new’ Constitution, which has been buried under a heap of [...]

Travails still for the TNA?

By N. Sathiya Moorthy If someone thought that the post-LG poll travails of the ruling TNA in the North has had a happy ending, it is not to be – or, so it seems. If anything, the Provincial Council elections in the North, due later this year, could open up new wounds, and deepen the [...]

Not just for Ranil, for others too, taste of the pudding is only in the eating…

By N. Sathiya Moorthy Now that the no-trust vote is behind Parliament and nation, and the victors are savouring their achievement and losers licking the wounds that they had inflicted on themselves without much thought, it is back to the political back-tracks, the good old way. It means, sharing of the spoils among the victors [...]

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