‘Dual Irresponsibility’ And Worse

By N Sathiya Moorthy In a self-destructive mission, the ruling coalition leadership(s) is continually proving that there are two governments in Sri Lanka, not just one. Under the watch of the Constitution, the Supreme Court and the media – all arbiters of democracy, apart from the people, who are the final authority – President Maithiripala [...]

Sirisena too shoots himself in the foot

By N Sathiya Moorthy   Independent of the ‘determination’ that the Supreme Court sends to President Maithiripala Sirisena on his constitutional query regarding the operation of the 19-A provision on the duration of his term, there can be no denying or going back on the fact that he has already shot himself in the foot, [...]

LG Polls, Dampener For New Constitution

By N Sathiya Moorthy Now that the New Year revelries are behind them, political parties, their leaders and cadres alike all across, are out in the open fighting the much-delayed local government (LG) polls that none other than the Joint Opposition (JO) identified with former President Mahinda Rajapaksa seems wanting. Especially, the ruling duo of President [...]

Uncertainties Ahead Of Another New Year, Too!

By N Sathiya Moorthy Even as the nation can celebrate that there was/is no uncertainty to political stability at the end of 2017 more than at the commencement of the year, it can feel sad and upset still that whatever remained in the old year is also there to herald the advent of circa 2018. [...]

When the minorities continue to fail themselves, again and again….

The saddest part about Sri Lanka’s minorities is that even as they shout at the divided ‘Sinhala-Buddhist majority’ for being together at it against ‘em all, they themselves are divided in as many directions as there are numbers. No questions asked, no quarter given, and merrily their own leaders keep themselves divided, based purportedly on [...]

Fear of the Unknown, or what!

By N Sathiya Moorthy Independent of what one may think of the UNP and SLFP partners in Government, or their politico-electoral challenge in the Rajapaksas-centric SLPP-JO, one thing is becoming increasingly clear. None of them wants to create a new and untested political space for a new and faceless common opponent to emerge and render [...]

A nation still on the ‘denial mode’

Now that the nation moves farther away from the effects of Elections-2015, and even more from war and victory, made-up faces are losing their sheen and skin, and ground reality is beginning to hit back with unmitigated cruelty. It is not just about the Sri Lankan State and the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim polity, but [...]


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