Do Supplements help heart disease?

Good advice by Dr. Harold Lots of people take supplements like fish oils, multivitamin tablets and minerals daily, presumably, that they will prevent heart disease. Research do not prove that they do. They may be beneficial for general health. 18 studies conducted between 1970 and 2016, after tracking more than 2 million participants, the studies [...]

Why do doctors say that you could eat eggs freely, every day?

Good advice by Dr Harold Why do doctors say that you could eat eggs freely, every day? It was thought that cholesterol in the yolk of an egg gets absorbed in your gut as cholesterol and increases your bad cholesterol (LDL) in your blood, increasing your risk of heart disease. Some said that you should avoid the yellow [...]

Ramen Misoya: Slurp your way to satisfaction

By Michelle Alles The first time I ever heard about ramen was while I was watching Naruto. Observing the popular manga and anime character enjoy his favourite food made me curious to taste it myself, but I thought I’d have to settle for Maggi noodles, which is nowhere even close to the real thing.When I [...]

Designer wedding show to be staged in Galle

Galle will play host to a designer wedding show in July with some designers in the country and up-and-coming designers showcasing their talents. The ‘Designer Wedding Show,’ a much-looked-forward to event in the wedding industry of Sri Lanka, will be presented by the Bride and Groom Magazine in collaboration with Amari Hotel, Galle, on Saturday, [...]

Boyzone to perform in Sri Lanka as part of farewell tour

Irish band Boyzone will be performing in Sri Lanka in August as part of their farewell tour. The band is scheduled to perform at the CR&FC Grounds on August 16th. 444 is the official ticketing partner of the event and a sponsor. Click here to read more

Do cooking oils produce trans-fat on repeated usage?

By Harold Gunatillake   Dr Chris Pulle of BWFF forum states, “My guess is that Virgin or not, coconut oil must not be re-used, since it might contain “transfats” that are the real killer and give coconut oil (being the most saturated of oils) a bad name”. Dr Pulle’s comment inspired me to write this article. We know that [...]

Is this Virgin Coconut oil?

Good advice by Dr Harold During the second pre-war days, we used to buy a sweet-smelling gold colored viscous coconut oil from the grocery and spice boutiques in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), measured and poured into a bottle with a long handle, stored and from some rectangular shape aluminum containers holding gallons of oil. The smell [...]

Make a date with Nigella Lawson

Cinnamon Life will host the internationally renowned TV cook and food writer– Nigella Lawson for a series of events in Sri Lanka from the 21st to 23rd of June 2018. Nigella’s tour in Sri Lanka will comprise of a wide array of exciting events that will form a part of every gourmand’s dreams! Click here [...]

Mothers and daughters on the ramp

The Chokolaate LiCC Mother Daughter Fashion Designer Contest organized by Sri Lanka’s premier teen magazine Chokolaate was held for the 9th consecutive year. Click here for more from Leisure Plus

Colombo’s biggest music festival to feature four international artistes

Prepare for the biggest musical event in the history of Colombo’s entertainment as Cinnamon brings yet another world-class event to Colombo. Four international artistes will set the city ablaze with their beats with 10 hours of non-stop entertainment on the 18th of August 2018. The event will feature a selection of entertainers and pop-up events, [...]

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