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Their Own Zen Island


By Tia Goonaratna @tiabuffy Yohan and Dheethika Fernando are a young couple that are creating a different kind of work space. Their venture together, Zen Island, is a laidback spa located in Mirihana Road offering spa treatments along with manicures and pedicures. Yohan, with an MSC in Business Information Technology, worked as a System Analyst [...]

Following Her Childhood Dream


Often, childhood passions are not taken seriously enough to mould them into chosen career paths in adult life. But, when they do, it usually forms a happy union between a fulfilled person and a much loved career. For Chavini de Silva Ariyabandhu  too, discovering fashion as her dream career was a journey that started in [...]

Being Creative Is Not Being Confined To One Label Or One Role


Hannah Pickering is not your average creative mind. Initially trained as a graphic designer, Hannah found her education as a liberating way to connect creative thinking with other things that she loved doing. Hannah found that design training did not limit her to being a designer, but rather it freed her to explore her many [...]

A Beacon For Sri Lankan Creativity


by Tia Goonaratna @tiabuffy While many of the younger generation concentrated on how they could excel at existing talents, Anjuli Flamer-Caldera concentrated on creating unique platforms to increase the opportunities available for these creative people of Sri Lanka. With many projects under her wing such as ArtWalk, Colombo Fashion Week, and the agency sri lanka [...]

The Young Allan Barthelot


by Ryan Johnson @lordryanjohnson Allan Barthelot is a young and upcoming guitarist who you may know in the local metal scene. Allan plays guitars for a groove/progressive metal band named “Sacrament” that is currently working on their new EP which will be released this year. Talented and dedicated to his arts and craft, Allan is [...]

The Beautiful And Talented Terry Bertus


by Ryan Johnson @lordryanjohnson Terry Bertus, the beautiful musical sensation eats, breathes, and lives music, and she knew from a very young age that’s what she wants to do with life. ‘Music is in my blood, I can’t run away from it, it finds me. From my parents to my Grandparents, we are all musically [...]

Marvel Yakoob


by Ryan Johnson @lordryanjohnson Housni Yakoob is back with some new music after two years.The fellow rapper hinted that he will be releasing a new track somewhere in February. He finally released the track on March 14th 2017. The track features R&B singer/songwriter, Randhir on it as well. The song, titled “Marvels”, is 4.17 seconds [...]

Speaking Through Images


Even before language was formed and speech was shaped into our standard form of communication, people used images to communicate simply. The image still remains to be the most powerful form of expression, with a universality bridging ethnicities, national borders and spoken or written languages. Janith Lekamwasam who is a young visual communication designer and [...]

The Space Between Us


By Gopitha Kiribandara A teen science fiction romance that falls a few paces short of being a competent project, The Space Between Us is directed by Peter Chelsom and stars Gary Oldman, Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson, and Carla Gugino. The narrative follows Gardner Eliot (Butterfield), a human boy born in Mars. Set in the ‘near’ future, Nathaniel Shepherd [...]

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