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Prasad’s Budu Tips

By Tia Goonaratna @tiabuffy Prasad Perera, also known as ‘Budu Malli’ is known for his unique content reaching over 9,000 Twitter followers, and his videos gathering quite a momentous following. Prasad describes himself as an ‘internet traveller/explorer’. He explores trends, reading tech blogs, and other websites that show the up and coming web giants.  He [...]

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

By Tia Goonaratna @tiabuffy Ayshcharya Pinto, also known as ‘SollaKella’, have been capturing concealed angles of Sri Lankan splendour. It’s evident from her photography that she has a real talent for seeing how colours work together, how a different perspective could make a difference, and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. She has been uploading [...]

Artistic Action Is A Symbol Of Action

Interview with British artist Ellen Harvey As a child, Ellen Harvey found herself amidst the luxury of parents who understood the profound effect of art on children. Living in Frankfurt at the time, her parents regularly took her to art museums where she saw renaissance masters’ work like Rogier van der Weyden’s The Last Judgment, [...]

Creativity Is A Many Faced Thing

Interview with fashion and accessory designer Kalpani Nandaratne on working with one of the country’s leading architectural firms Most people are perplexed by Kalpani’s role as an expert on fashion and accessories, at an architectural firm. When she first started studying design, it wasn’t what she imagined for herself either; but three years down the [...]

“Design Is A Balance Between Two Extremes: Aesthetics And Practicality”

Interior and furniture designer Sachithra Thilakarathne on the process of creativity Sachithra Thilakarathne found herself drawn to the creative world first through painting, drawing and art. Books too, had a heavy effect on her and pushed her to find ways to express and communicate what she imagined. As she grew older and started experimenting with [...]

A New Sri Lankan Style In Handloom

Nithya Lamahewa behind the award-winning designer brand Nithya Nithya is not a new face in fashion. Although young and entered into the fashion industry only a few years ago, Nithya’s work has been so revolutionary that it was noticed and making news right away. As she revolutionised how people looked at handloom textiles by tearing [...]

25th Anniversary Edition Of Death Certificate Includes Three New Songs

by Ryan Johnson @lordryanjohnson Ice Cube, the OG of gangster rap, is back and has released three new songs, and they’re making waves through social media. The songs where released to celebrate 25th anniversary edition of his seminal ‘Death Certificate’ album, which dropped back in 1991. Ice Cube has addressed issues such as racism, police [...]

All About Shannon

by Ryan Johnson @lordryanjohnson Shannon Davin Bakshani is a talented young minimal/Techno DJand producer based in Colombo. The year of electronic music has been thriving and taking over charts across the globe. Collaborating with various genres, electronic music has been the main subject and focus. Shannon has be signed to Plunk!, Dark Face Recordings, Patent [...]

Rock Dog

Bodi (Luke Wilson) has grand visions of becoming a guitar-shredding rock star, but his father (J.K. Simmons) has other ideas. After hearing some wise words on the radio, the young pup decides to set out and make his dreams come true — all the while pursued by some pesky gangster wolves. Based on Zheng Jun’s [...]

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