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Keep your blood triglycerides low

The fats and starchy carbs you eat are stored in your fat cells as triglycerides, a form of fat that needs to be controlled; tough its main function is to supply energy. If the level is high, you are more likely to develop a condition called metabolic syndrome- includes high blood pressure, high blood sugar (diabetes), belly fat, and high bad [...]

Doctor my Legs are swollen?

Written by Dr Harold Gunatillake-Health writer Swelling of legs and feet are quite visible among women who wear sandals, especially among the seniors. It is not visible to men as they wear longs and shoes. Most women are not aware of this swelling, as it is a slow process of collection of fluid in most [...]

Too Much Sugar Harms Your Liver

by Dr. Harold Gunatillake Those who consume sweet drinks, ice cream, and other foods with added sugar, may harm your liver. Some have a craving for sugary foods, lose control and eat more than you planned. Your brain cells love sugar and see as a reward, which makes you want more of it. In addition [...]

Alcoholic Drinks When Having Diabetes

by Dr. Harold Gunatillake – Health writer   Yes, true, people having raised blood sugar need to be careful drinking alcohol. They still can enjoy a drink or two without guilt, but intelligent drinking is the solution. Men with diabetes can still enjoy two drinks a day, just like the non-diabetics and women too can [...]

Living Lavishly With Green Tea

How is green tea different from conventional tea? Those who drink green tea for the first time would naturally love the taste and aroma that comes with it.   The feeling that you are in the midst of a tea garden, when the smell of the fresh brew emanating from the cup, when it reaches your [...]

Enjoying a Shanghai Tantric Massage Therapy for Releasing the Pressure

Many people will find there are something during their life they really want to see and desire to see crosses their mind. Having a trip is a superb approach to break out of the mould of the everyday regimen. Having a big variety of alternatives, preparing an eventful trip which is certainly soothing and exciting [...]

Having the Experience of Eating Chinese Cuisine

Chinese cuisine is not only has the good-looking, but also is tasty, simply because in Chinese cooking, presentation is as critical as flavor. Chinese cuisine originated from the Chinese royal courts dating back to the Qing Dynasty, which might be any time from 1644 to 1912. In order to delight the Emperor along with the [...]

Fadna Diabe Tea

Experience The Sweetness Of Life Without Fear Renowned Food Scientist Dr. D. B. T. Wijeratne, Additional Secretary, Research and Development, Ministry of Agriculture asserts that there is a growing popularity and consumption of Fadna Diabe Tea in the fight against diabetes. Dr. Wijeratne expressed his views in this regard to the media. Q.    As a [...]

Ceylinco’s Health Screening Month Is On Now

The Ceylinco Healthcare Centre in its endeavor to create a healthier nation has once again introduced a health screening month starting from 1st June 2011. This is their 2nd health screening program and judging by the tremendous response it received previously resulting in an extension for 3 months, the Ceylinco Healthcare Centre believes this year’s [...]

What is NONI?

NONI Fruit which bears the Botanical Name Morinda Citrifolia grows in countries like India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, and Australia and on islands like Tahiti and Hawaii near American continent. NONI is known by Herbal Researchers as Nature’s Super Fruit because only NONI Fruit contains more than 150 essential micro-nutrients in one single source in the [...]

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