Doctor my Legs are swollen?

Written by Dr Harold Gunatillake-Health writer Swelling of legs and feet are quite visible among women who wear sandals, especially among the seniors. It is not visible to men as they wear longs and shoes. Most women are not aware of this swelling, as it is a slow process of collection of fluid in most [...]

Too Much Sugar Harms Your Liver

by Dr. Harold Gunatillake Those who consume sweet drinks, ice cream, and other foods with added sugar, may harm your liver. Some have a craving for sugary foods, lose control and eat more than you planned. Your brain cells love sugar and see as a reward, which makes you want more of it. In addition [...]

Alcoholic Drinks When Having Diabetes

by Dr. Harold Gunatillake – Health writer   Yes, true, people having raised blood sugar need to be careful drinking alcohol. They still can enjoy a drink or two without guilt, but intelligent drinking is the solution. Men with diabetes can still enjoy two drinks a day, just like the non-diabetics and women too can [...]

Problem With Drinking Bottled Water

We need water to survive. When space scientists want to find out whether there are living organisms in planets the first thing they want to find out is water availability. We need water for transporting nutrients in the body from cell to cell. It is a wonderful God-given solvent, sometimes we refer to as ‘Adam’s [...]

A Better Way To Check Diabetes

by Dr. Harold Gunatillake – Health writer Most Sri Lankans do ignore a simple test to check for diabetes when required after the age of 40, as they do not realise the serious issues of the disease and the ability to control better when detected early. Those who have a family history of diabetes do [...]

The Misunderstood Eggplant

By Dr Harold Gunatillake Health Writer Sri Lankan housewives cook eggplant in oil – one of their first choices when they prepare alms for Buddhist priests. This vegetable invariably absorbs all the oil in the frying pan when it cooks, and becomes heavy. Hence, some people do not like eggplants thinking that saturated fats cause [...]

What is Glucagon – Like Peptides (GLP-1)?

By Dr Harold Gunatillake Health Write A-cells of the Islet of Langerhans in the pancreas produce Glucagon whilst Beta-cells of the Islet secrete insulin. Glucagon has a major role in maintaining normal glucose concentration in blood and has the opposite effect of insulin. Insulin reduces the blood glucose level through a ‘courier mechanism’. The excess [...]

Health Benefits Of Eating Chicken

By Dr Harold Gunatillake FRCS,FIACS, FACS,(AM (Sing), MBBS Health Writer Chicken is one of the best white meats available compared with red meat, from a health point of view. It is most widely consumed meat in most countries and is freely available. It is packed with vitamins and nutrients essential for good health and low-fat [...]

Should You Eat White Bread?

By Dr Harold Gunatillake Health Writer The whiter the bread, the quicker you’re dead”- Old saying White bread is made from refined white flour containing unwholesome constituents and with very little nutrients and fibre essential for a healthy digestive system and a stable metabolism. Refined white flour is obtained from the whole wheat grain which [...]

Knowing About Parkinson’s Disease

By Dr Harold Gunatillake Health Writer When you get up one morning, if you become tottery on your feet and tends to fall, and your writing becomes scrawly, the picture is suggestive of Parkinson’s disease. When you wake up in the morning, if you feel spinning suddenly and cannot control your balance when walking, think [...]

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