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Step Into The Kingdom Of INDI

by Tia Goonaratna @tiabuffy Indi Yapa Abeywardena, responsible for the celebrated INDI by Indi designer wear line, has just opened her first physical store offering her customers a place to browse and pick ready to wear outfits. In the last two years, Indi has taken a massive design change from couture/custom design work to more [...]

An Eye To Capture The Best Of Wildlife

Photography as a subject is one of the most interesting activities being followed by countless people around us, irrespective of what equipment they utilise. Photography in itself captures a moment for a lifetime and captivates our imagination through images. Images, irrespective of theme or substance, acquire the power to control our lives and even change [...]

Dead Letter Circus: An Intellectual Band

by Ryan Johnson @lordryanjohnson Dead Letter Circus is an alternative/ progressive rock band from Brisbane, Australia. The first album, “This is the Warning”, was brilliant and different, and opened doors to be loved by many. Dead Letter Circus is one of the most intellectual bands that’s out there that’s also quite cryptic in their songwriting. [...]

Prog Machines Voyager

by Ryan Johnson @lordryanjohnson Hailing from Perth, Western Australia are THEprogressive giants Voyager. The band formed in 1999, and has been active ever since. The current line-up of the band is Daniel Estrin on vocals and keys, Simone Dow  on guitars, Scott Kay on guitars, Ashley Doodkorte on drums, and Alex Canion on bass/ vocals.  [...]

ELSZ’s New Single ‘Bright Eyes’

ELSZ is a producer, harpist, vocalist and dancer, living most of her life between Australia and Sri Lanka, she is now based in Brooklyn, New York. ELSZ spent the past 8 months in Sri Lanka, much of her time was spent learning her family art of loom weaving, producing new material for a full length [...]


by Ryan Johnson @lordryanjohnson  A band that has been through a lot, and yet succeeded to build a loyal empire of followers towards their music they have sculptured around the world. Sadly, this year has bought on a dark cloud over these amazing musicians. I am talking about Dutch progressive power house, Textures. The band [...]

Debut Album Of Sakwala Chakraya ‘Captain Zero’

Sakwala Chakraya, playing the self-coined genre post-colonial trance punk, is gearing up to release their debut album in December.  The band came together in 2014, when the late Prasanna Abeysekera and Thushara Kulatunga got together with Sarani Perera, Uvindu Perera, Harshan Gallage, and Isaac Smith a little later on. The current line up consists of [...]

The Death Of Stalin

Russia, 1953. When Joseph Stalin (Adrian McLoughlin) has a fatal heart attack, it creates a power vacuum inside the highest levels of government. Cue a pile-up of plotting, as his subordinates scramble to take control. Cabinet reshuffles. Campaign funding. Congressional hearings on governmental efficiencies. These are not subjects which naturally lend themselves to mirth, yet [...]

Too Much Sugar Harms Your Liver

by Dr. Harold Gunatillake Those who consume sweet drinks, ice cream, and other foods with added sugar, may harm your liver. Some have a craving for sugary foods, lose control and eat more than you planned. Your brain cells love sugar and see as a reward, which makes you want more of it. In addition [...]

“Wild Vil Uyana,” A Platform Showcasing Myriad Of Flora And Fauna

Jetwing Vil Uyana continues to set a benchmark in the hospitality industry by being a true embodiment of evolution.  From a barren land to the first man-made wetland built to offer guests a novel experience in hospitality, the property now is a haven of wildlife.  “Wild Vil Uyana”, a platform that showcased the myriad of [...]


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